As long as he can remember, Madnav have had a passion for nature. Although he did grow up in the city of the Hague, all of the holydays of his childhood his parents took him and his family to the countryside of the Veluwe. There in the woods he had encounters with the large mammals, such as red deer, wild boars and roe deer. He learned how to trace and spot these extremely timid animals and many more like fox, badger and pine marten. He studied the wildlife in the woods for several years and became an expert in hunting and spotting. Many years he worked as a wildlife guide in the woods of the Veluwe and he lead many excursion in which thousands of people were able to learn about the beautiful nature of the Veluwe and to trace and spot the wild animals.


Nowadays Madnav is still tracing wildlife at the Veluwe as he lives nearby in a small historical town named Harderwijk. He still hunts the animals, not with gun but with his camera. With his knowledge of the wildlife and the Veluwe, he is able to make beautiful pictures.