As many other photographers, Madnav likes to photograph the sunset and in the so called 'blue hour'. The blue hour refers to the time after the sun goes below the horizon and the sky goes into deep blue for a short while.


The landscape photographs of Madnav are not only made to register certain places on earth, but most of all meant to let you feel the atmosphere of the place.


Madnav frequently photographs landscapes in his homeland. The Dutch scenery is very diverse, from the sandy beaches and dunes at the coastline to the forest and hills of the Veluwe. And, of course, Holland is known for the tulips, windmills and picturesque villages, the canals in the historical city's and the Dutch black and white cattle in the green meadows.


Although there is enough landscape to photograph in Holland, Madnav photographs landscapes were ever he is, especially in his second homeland Italy.