The second photo album of Madnav was named "The beauty of ugliness" and is a documentary about the recycling of all type of waste. He photographed the storage of magnesium rims, scrap cars, cardboard, glass, metal, textile, wood and debris. While exploring the industrial district in his hometown Harderwijk, he run into a lot of metal waste, stored by a recycling company. Madnav was triggered by the look of all kind of waste, sorted out in different types of metal, glass, paper and textile. He saw the beauty and power in the storage of many equal waste, like thousands of magnesium rims and he started to photograph them. For his documentary he visit a lot of specialised recycling company's and photographed all kind of waste.


With special thanks to:

Reukema Blocq & Maneschijn BV 

Vink - Barneveld

Tankbouw Rootselaar - Nijkerk

Autosloperij Van Der Feer - Lelystad

Malestein Recycling - Amersfoort

Dusseldorp - Ermelo

E.L.S. bv - Lelystad

Plastic Recycling Prudon bv - Harderwijk (with special thanks to Ricardo Prudon)

Post - Harderwijk