Once, when Madnav and his wife were on holiday in Avio, Trentino, Italy, in the beautiful Val d'Adige, they made a long trip in the mountain Monte Baldo to visit a beautiful prehistorically cave called “Busa dei Preèri”. In that cave they found a bottle of white wine, also called "Preèri”. They took the bottle with them to Holland and later on, in Holland, Madnav discovered on the internet that this particular wine came from a great vineyard near Avio, called "Maso Roveri". Madnav send them an e-mail, telling them that he found the bottle of wine in the cave. In return he received a very nice e-mail with an invitation to visit the Maso Roveri vineyard in September of that year, when,  in Avio, they have the  Wine Festival.


So Madnav and his wife took that invitation and visit the Wine Festival of Sabbionara d'Avio in September. There they met the very charming and friendly owner of the Maso Roveri vineyard, Mr. Antonio Anzellini. He showed Madnav and his wife the vineyard and explained everything about how they grow the grapes and make the famous and delicious red, rosé and white wines of Maso Roveri. He also showed an artical in the newspaper "L'Adige" while they had written this story about the Dutch artist that found the bottle of wine in the cave (see the Media-page on this website to read this article). And of course they tasted all the white wines like the Preèri, Moscato Giallo, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and the rosé Schiava, as well as the red wines like Cabernet, Lagrein, Piam Ros and their most famous one: Ennantio, Terra dei Forti.


One evening, later that week, Antonio Anzellini invited Madnav and his wife to the Wine Festival of Sabbionara d'Avio to enjoy the Festival, the wines and the food. They were accompanied by some good friends of Antonio, the architect Renato Commerlatti and his wife Tiziana. They all had a great evening on the wine festival and a new friendship was born. From that day on, Antonio, Renato and Tiziana became the closest friends of Madnav and his wife. Madnav looked them up ever since and each year they spent some time together in Italy. He also found out that Antonio, Renato and Tiziana where all part of this cultural club in the region, called "Gruppo Culturale El Casteleto" from the little village nearby, called "Dolcè".  Each year this cultural club arrange some gatherings to eat and drink the fine food and wine from their region. On many occasions Madnav and his wife were invited to that gatherings and so they became also friends with the president of the group, Angelo Brusco, and many of their members.


Of course the wine from Antonio played always a big part in the visits of Madnav and his wife to Italy and when Madnav leaves for Holland, his car is always full with the wines of Maso Roveri. So at home, in Harderwijk, Madnav still have some good wine to drink with friends when he tell them all of the stories about his latest visit to Italy.



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