In 2012 Madnav and his wife were visiting the wine yard of the winemaker Guiseppe Tognotti and his lovely wife, the famous artist Michela Bruni, high up in the little Dolomites in the North of Italy, the wine yard Maso Michei at an altitude of 823 meters above sea level. The wine yard is explored by Guiseppe Tognotti and the commercial part is done by Albino Armani and Egle Capilupi from Azienda Agricola Armani Albino in Dolcè (Verona, Italia) in the same way as they do the commercial part of some other friends of Madnav: Maurizio Donadi and Fabiola Collatuzzo from the wine yard Casa Belfi (Treviso, Italia).


The wine yard of Maso Michei is one of the highest large wine yards of Europe and the top wine is very pure and full of taste. It is called "823", named after the altitude of the wine yard.