Madnav has many friends in Italy. Two of them are the owners of the bio-dynamic vineyard Casa Belfi near Treviso at San Polo di Piave. Maurizio Donadi and Fabiola Collatuzzo are passionated about making biological wines. Amongst there range of wine, they make a beautiful Prosecco wine called Colfòndo. You can buy the wine via Albino Armani.


At one of his visits to Maurizio and Fabiola, they gave Madnav and his wife a tour around the vineyard and show them how they make the Colfòndo. Madnav was touched by the passion of this young couple and the way they make their wine by the methods of the great anthroposophe Rudolf Steiner.


When Maurizio asked him to make him a painting, these were the keywords that came in mind immediately:


Terra (ground)

Acqua (water)

Sole (sun)

Passione (passion)

Colfòndo (the Prosecco wine)


He used the first three letters of each word and made them in wood. This was the base for the painting called Colfòndo.


Whit special thanks to Maurizio Donadi, Fabiola Collatuzzo and Albino Armani for making this world a bit better with the magnific Prosecco Colfòndo! (look at: Albino Armani/Casa Belfi)



The making of Colfòndo