At the lunch table of the Locanda Scarpa, occasionally you will find an extraordinary pack of people, brought together by the hospitality of Massimo and Stella Scarpa.


The table in the restaurant is the place, the forks, knifes and spoons are the tools, but the real art you will find in the people gathered around this big table and in the dishes brought to the table from the Italian sea and land, trough the pots and pans on the stove of Massimo’s kitchen.


My wife and I are proud to know this big Italian man named Massimo,

for he is really a great guy in many ways!


For an artist, the best way of saying ‘thank you’ is to make a tribute to the lunches at Massimo by expressing the look and feel of the colourful Italian food, eaten by colourful people with an excellent taste for ‘the good life’.



Thank you Massimo Scarpa!


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The making of "Pranzo al Massimo"