Welcome to the original website of the Dutch artist Madnav d'Lonra.


Madnav was born in the Hague in the Netherlands on the 26 of September 1957. Madnav is a Dutch artist who makes photos, paintings, sculptures, video and poems and is the designer of artistic concepts.


His name "Madnav d'Lonra" is a pseudonym and an anagram (the opposite) of his real name: Arnold van Dam.


He first started with poems (in Dutch) and drawings on an early age.  In 2000 he started with paintings and sculptures. In 2009 he started whit photography. Since 2015 he is experimenting with video.


His works are spread out over the world, although many of his works are to be found in Italy, his second homeland.


We invite you to take a tour through his portfolio and enjoy his works. If you want, you can leave a reaction at the guestbook.